BALI celebrates ten years of commitment to serving Young Women and Girls

We have trained 1,300 girls from over Previous partners include over 143 public and private New York Area schools and colleges around the country.

BALI training programs are offered throughout the academic school year and our full day intensive programs are offered during academic holidays. 


 Intensive Leadership Debate Training Programs

Our two week intensive Summer Leadership and Debate Training Program is offered every summer and held Hunter College. The 2015 class for our Summer Leadership and Debate Program was comprised of sixty middle school, high school and college young women from different ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds. All of BALI’s expert trainers are committed to empowering young women and delivering our training with strict attention to cultural competency. Central to BALI’s core educational mission is to provide the most experienced and multi-cultural cadre of trainers that reflects our focus to always insure the maximum degree of diversity among our BALI students.

BALI trainees develop the skills to analyze contemporary public policy issues through workshops on debate techniques, public speaking, critical thinking policy and evidentiary research, and writing speeches, articles and creative pieces. We believe in providing the highest academic level of leadership and competitive debate curricula, which reflects local, national, and global concerns. Each day of the training, our students learn about contemporary public policy issues before they participate in daily four-hour labs on policy and public forum debate, and daily practice for an actual debate competition at the end of our summer program. We use case studies to gain insight into various issues. In our workshops, we examine complex social issues and encourage our students to create solutions through an entrepreneurial, social justice, and career-based lens. BALI’s training topics and curricula include: Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility; the Federal Equal Rights Amendment, Gender Equality Laws in the United States; the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA); Human and Sex Trafficking both locally and globally; Climate Change and the Environment.. In addition to specific daily leadership and debate skills workshops, our students participate in:  the art ofwriting, public speaking, and not-for-profit management in-depth training on community building, civic engagement, and activism, formulating public policy, domestic and global issues, advocacy techniques, self-awareness, self-empowerment, and how to build an cause based campaign. BALI’s curricula are intentionally provocative; we believe our curricula has proven to assist BALI students in creating clear paths for productive futures in government, corporate, and not-for-profit sectors. We have witnessed former trainees become leaders in their schools and in their own communities.


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