The core mission of the Bella Abzug Leadership Institute is to inspire the next generation of young feminists to take on leadership roles and reignite the fight for equality amongst women and girls in our world.

We know that the greatest return investment in any society is to educate a girl and help her thrive in all aspects of her life. The leaders of BALI believe in the power of female friendship and mentorship. A foundational part of our programming is to foster a community of women and girls of all ages to learn from each other. Intergenerational exchange is key to a fulfilling education and bright future. 


Highly accomplished female professionals from the top of their fields— women from corporate, government, and not-for-profit sectors like self-made business owners and entrepreneurs, elected officials, and diplomats—come as guest lecturers and conduct workshops.

Examples of the accomplished speakers and inspirational role models who participated in our training and mentoring programs:

  • NY Assembly Member Nily Rozic, the youngest woman ever elected to the New York State Assembly
  • Council Member Rosie Mendez, who is the Chair of the Committee on Public Housing
  • Eija Ayravainen, Vice President & Dean of Student Services at Hunter College
  • Council Member Margaret Chin, who is on the Executive Board of Black, Latino, and Asian Caucus
  • Kathleen King, Founder of Tate’s Cookies, Inc. (an international baked goods company)
  • Dr. Elizabeth Lorde Rollins, M.D. (who is also a great writer and poet like her mother renown author and feminist Audrey Lorde)
  • Dr. Josephine Ojiambo, Ambassador & Deputy Permanent Representative at the Kenya Permanent Mission to the United Nation
  • New York City Council Member, Laurie Cumbo

BALI board members directly participate as trainers and mentors in our training programs—they are so invested in our cause that they volunteer their time to conduct workshops and act as  mentors for our trainees.

Some of these women that serve as mentors and meet with small groups of BALI trainees to explain their career choices and trajectories and to answer any questions our students may have in a more intimate setting.

Through this multi-faceted exposure to this wide array of positive role models, our trainees are inspired to use their own voices and strategies to create societal change.

The theme underlying all of our training and mentoring is to encourage BALI young women to be empowered to act and advocate for women’s equal rights and positive social change in their chosen fields and communities.

We have seen our trainers, staff, and mentors truly inspire our trainees to bring out the best within themselves in order to become the dynamic leaders they aspire to be.



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