BALI encourages young women and men to participate in our internship programs that support the empowerment of young women.

We believe that an internship with us should both benefit BALI as well as the education and growth of our interns.
BALI offers internship opportunities to:

Upper-level undergraduate students, Graduate students and Post-graduate young professionals 
who are interested in learning about the development of a complex young women’s leadership institute and community outreach.

As defined in our mission, we work to deconstruct prescribed gender roles that hinder the success of women, men, and non-gender conforming individuals. Aspiring interns must be fully committed to our mission and share our core values of feminist ideals. We invite interns from all academic disciplines to apply!  When applying for a BALI internship, there is no restriction on which degree programs an intern is enrolled in. BALI is committed to providing a fulfilling work experience and quality education to our interns, all who already possess but want to expand upon varying interests and skills. We accept all  liberal arts students; BALI interns have included :Women’s Studies, journalist, urban studies, political science and communication majors, graphic artists, educators, law and graduate students, and more. BALI’s core mission is to inspire young feminists and we appreciate the talents and skills of all deserving applicants. 

 BALI provides our interns with many educational opportunities and professional experiences. In addition to the specific projects that interns are assigned to work on, we sponsor them to attend and participate in educational, government, business conference as well as international youth conferences at the U.N. The mission of BALI “to inspire young women to lead the future” is carried forth in each and every aspect of our training and program offerings. We ensure that each BALI intern has a meaningful experience and the opportunity to take on a specific leadership project that has a measureable societal impact. 


Past participants include students from New York City and Tri- State area schools including but not limited to:
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Who should apply:

Upper level Undergraduate students, graduate students, and post-graduate young professionals.


BALI accepts interns on a rolling basis throughout the calendar year. Many of our leadership programs are offered during the summer moths; therefore, our internships very often complement student schedules. Several of our interns participate in our internship program during the academic year, as well; we work with our interns to create a schedule that suits their course load. 


Please submit your resume and cover letter to: and title the subject of your email “Internship Program Inquiry” 


The majority of our internship programs are conducted in house at our administrative offices at:
Hunter College, 695 Park Avenue,
HE #1233 New York, NY.
Occasionally, we will invite an intern to participate in our program who is offsite. 


BALI accepts aspiring feminists leaders and individuals who are committed to serving their communities and themselves. Based on your particular skill set, BALI accepts interns to fulfill a variety of roles; administration, grant writing, curricula development, community development, peer leadership, publicity, technological support, etc. BALI is invested in your education and career development while working with our team.

Academic Credit:

BALI will collaborate with your educational institution in order to offer you comparable academic credit.