Meet Ashley

A BALI girl for a summer is a BAL girl for life

My name is Ashley Wong; I am a 2013 BALI graduate, an honors student at Hunter College, and plan to pursue law school after graduation. I am also an avid networker and a self-proclaimed fashionista. During my time as a trainee, I vividly remember the debate sessions, because after receiving a medal from the NYCUDL as well as praises from my fellow trainees (whom I am connected with on Face Book), I felt a huge sense of accomplishment. I have always felt that I have potential to be a leader in my community and beyond, but it was not until the program invigorated me with energy and inspiration that I decided to run for an E-board position on the Hunter College Pre-Law Society. Now, I can proudly share that I have earned my current position as President of the student-run club. The connections I made with the encouraging woman leaders that mentored me and my fellow trainees are still greatly influential to me today.

"A BALI girl for a summer is a BALI girl for life."

 We all reconnect at various Alumnae functions throughout the year such as the Day of the Girl Summit at the United Nations. I composed a blog post about the great work that BALI is doing to serve girls and women on the Day of the Girl website.

I am now studying for the grueling LSATs and would like to express gratitude to the program, and to Liz Abzug, who has written me recommendation letters on numerous occasions. I plan to become an attorney and in the near future, develop a leadership and empowerment program similar to BALI—but with a special focus on young Asian-American females. I would like to present them with speakers, host career development workshops, and teach them how to pursue internships. Having interned with a law firm, the Kings County District Attorney’s Office, and with a NYS Supreme Court Judge, I understand the invaluable nature of experience and its function in career advancement. Empowerment and motivation are the tools to success, so I would like to give young females the apparatus and confidence to materialize their dreams.