BALI girls and staff attend the 2016 International Day of the Girl Summit at the UN

BALI girl leaders and staff attended the 2016 International Day of the Girl Summit at the UN this past Tuesday, October 11th, 2016. BALI has proudly been a sponsor of this event for 4 consecutive years. The International Day of Girl is a day to celebrate girls all over the world and to talk about issues that concern girls all over the world. Every year, girls from organizations working with girls from all over the country and the world, such as BALI, perform, sing, read poetry and speak out about the most important issues concerning them such as education, empowerment, rape culture, child marriage and so on. They also talk about how they are being active young leaders and how they are impacting the world today and the future generations.

Our very own Hariella (picture below) spoke about the importance of having more girls in politics; involved in their schools' governments, in their neighborhoods and in their communities. Hariella spoke about her experience at BALI this past summer and how it empowered her to become a better leader and how she wants to pass that on to other future girl leaders. She also spoke about the historical moment she and every girl in the US are lucky to be experiencing right now, when a woman is for the first time in history the presidential candidate of a major party and how that is a dream come true for every girl in this country.